1. The urgency of raising the domestic agricultural production of India in the present times is well known to the concerned authorities at the Policy-Making levels.
  2. There is an urgent requirement of involvement of the Private (For–Profit) sector to make the agriculture related industry profitable in the country.
  3. Bihar state in India spanning 99,200 SQ Km of PLAIN and FERTILE land; lying immediately to the South of the Himalayas – has the potential to significantly raise the agricultural production of the country.
  4. However; there are serious challenges in this direction; the lack (ABSENCE) of the required INFRASTRUCTURE being the PRIMARY hurdle.
  5. Large amounts of Harvested Crops, Fruits and Vegetables in the fertile plains of Bihar state in India are WASTED due to absence of the required infrastructure for their PROPER Post- Harvest management.
  6. Immediate processing of these Crops, Fruits and Vegetables IN SITU; at their ground locations – is the solution to this challenge as suggested by experts.
  7. In view of this; the Govt of Bihar (GOB) state has declared the Food Processing Industry in the state as a Priority sector, and gives many Incentives (Subsidies) for Food, Fruit and Vegetable Processing Units (agribusinesses) of the residents of the state in their areas.
  8. But; the response from the residents of the state is not up to the degree desired.
  9. Owing to a mentality shaped over many decades and centuries; the residents of Bihar state prefer the SECURITY of a guaranteed income – provided by a job – over the risks (“insecurity”) involved in entrepreneurship.
  10. Due to this; bulk of the land in Bihar state presently lies under-cultivated; while majority of the productive population (Youths) from the state migrate to other states in India – and to other countries around the world – to earn their livelihoods from Menial (mainly Construction) labour.
  11. The profitability potential of a number of locally popular agribusinesses in the fertile plains of Bihar state; has not been suitably leveraged by the Private sector in the state due to various reasons.


  1. The land in the plains of Bihar state has the potential to significantly raise the domestic agricultural production of India; because it is very fertile due to the SILT deposited by the rivers coming from the mountains of Nepal over many Decades, Centuries and Millenniums.
  2. This Company plans to support the profitability of agribusinesses in the entire Bihar state over Time; while also profiting from this exercise.
  3. All details of the plans of the Company are given in this website.